About Armenades

Armenades is a small village 32 km north of Corfu town.
Its name comes from Armenians who arrived on the island after the persecutions from their homeland in the 16th century. The welthy people of Corfu put them to work in groups in their olive groves and so they slowly formed their own settlements. Apart from the Armenades, the Armenians also settled on the neighboring hill of today's Rachtades.

In both villages, after all, even today most residents have the surname Armenis.

The Armenades have remarkable churches, among which the church of Agia Anastasia stands out, with rare and old frescoes.

The area of ​​Armenades includes the southernmost settlement of Termenades, as well as a part of the beautiful beach of Agios Georgios Pagon.

Armenades is also very close to the endless sandy Arillas Beach.