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My family and I have been producing olive oil in a natural way for many generations. In 2013, We finally received the organic certification, so he can rightfully call his olive oil and olives organic. You can buy this amazing olive oil in small bottles or bigger cans, either to consume during your stay on Corfu or to take home with you.

Corfu Olives



About Armenades

Armenades Corfu

Armenades is a small village 32 km north of Corfu town.
Its name comes from Armenians who arrived on the island after the persecutions from their homeland in the 16th century. The welthy people of Corfu put them to work in groups in their olive groves and so they slowly formed their own settlements. Apart from the Armenades, the Armenians also settled on the neighboring hill of today's Rachtades.

In both villages, after all, even today most residents have the surname Armenis.

The Armenades have remarkable churches, among which the church of Agia Anastasia stands out, with rare and old frescoes.

The area of ​​Armenades includes the southernmost settlement of Termenades, as well as a part of the beautiful beach of Agios Georgios Pagon.

Armenades is also very close to the endless sandy Arillas Beach.

About Kostas

Kostas avlonitis

My name is Kostas Avlonitis, I was born and raised in North Corfu. I  work with olive wood and olive roots to create magnificent works of art, but also produce delicious organic olive oil from my olive groves. Carving olive wood is a craft that requires time and patience, as the olive wood has to dry for about three years before it can be sculpted. Especially the roots of the great corfiot olive trees are as hard as metal and are very difficult to work on. On the other hand, any object made from this beautiful material is almost everlasting.

    I  use mostly the winter time to create my sculptures and the range of things I make.
Starting with forks, spoons, chandeliers and little playthings and going up to vases, bowls, bottle holders, mirrors. ornamental sculptures and many more.

The workshop is situated in a beautiful setting, in the middle of the family olive grove in Armenades, right next to my source of raw material.
The peace and tranquility of the place are in perfect harmony with the traditional stone building that serves as an atelier. If you are lucky you may find me there, working patiently to transform a piece of wood or root into something even more beautiful and useful.
There is also a larger exhibition space in Perithia, on the coastal road between Acharavi and Kassiopi, where more artifacts are showcased.

For more information  you can contact us on 0030 26630 51596. or on my mobile at +306982453003

Many thanks to Green Corfu for this post.


Armenades Corfu